The newborn session is done with the baby around 5 to 13 days, this is because their joints are softer and sleep is heavier. At this stage, the baby still has "uterine memory". The poses of the rehearsal recall the time when I was still in my mother's belly.


We work at the client's home in São Paulo, SP. We can also arrange if you live in nearby regions.

We take all the accessories that will be used with your baby; baskets, bows, caps, blankets and other props. If you want to add something that is important to the family, feel free!


We usually do a minimum of three sets plus family photos. Each scenario has variations of accessories and baby poses, all respecting his/her wishes, of course.
We deliver an average of 30 photos, all already edited and in high resolution. The customer can choose the photos that will be included in the printed album, if hired.


The session includes the participation of the parents (or two adults) as well as the baby's siblings .

Remember that the environment should be as peaceful as possible for the baby.

If possible, schedule for a day when there are no visits.


The session will be held with the baby in deep sleep and will guarantee the safety of the baby in the most complex poses. If the baby doesn't sleep at all, don't worry, we'll make beautiful pictures just the same!

It is the newborn baby who rules the session, most have a similar sleep ritual, however there are exceptions where the baby has greater difficulty entering the deep sleep stage. We will do everything in his time.


Security is not optional in this type of session once we are dealing with a fragile life that has just arrived in the world, your most precious blessingt!

We put your baby's life first, so we only use accessories where he will not be hurt, we clean everything every session and respect his anatomy.