We recommend the session to be done around the 26th and 33rd weeks. At this stage, mom is still more willing and usually is not so swollen, but this can be at her desire!
Just make sure it doesn't get too close to the due date, there are babies in a hurry!


We attend at the client's home or outside areas in São Paulo, SP. We can also arrange if you live in nearby regions.

The session tends to last 2 hours. Try not to make another appointment on the same day so that everyone is more relaxed.


We usually deliver an average of 30 photos, all already edited and in high resolution. The customer can choose the photos that will be included in the printed album, if hired.

We have some clothes available for mom.

4 or 5 different sets of clothes are necessary to choose the best ones before the session.


The session includes the participation of the pregnant woman and the father, as well as the baby's brothers and pets.
The father may only do 2 or 3 changes of clothing at most. For him, plain shirts and polos look great, in addition to jeans or neutral colors. Try to match their clothes. The same goes for brothers.


Bring clothes, shoes and accessories like the baby's name pieces, for example, if you want, so we can do an even more beautiful and personalized job, but remember no exaggeration! Teddy bears are also beautiful.